Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

Finding the colours that suit you best can be nothing short of remarkable. Making you look healthier, more energised and helping you to shine, wearing the colours that most flatter and enhance your appearance is transformational.

My colour analysis takes an holistic approach, where we combine genetically inherited skin tone with your personality and particular taste and preferences.

Everyone’s relationship with colour is different; this is not about getting you to suddenly wear lots of bright bold colours if that’s not who you are.

The great thing about colour is the huge variation there is. It may be a subtle hint of colour here and there or simply knowing which neutrals to turn to, to bring out your very best you.

This is a key tool that can really help you shop with focus and success and will last you a lifetime.

What the experience entails . . .

  • Colour analysis takes up to an hour and is usually done in your home
  • We complete a quick questionnaire together
  • I use a selection of fabric drapes to analyse the impact any given colour has on your skin tone
  • I will then tell you which colour ‘season’ you sit in - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
  • Knowing which colour season you are enables us to look through and discuss all the colours, tints and shades that will suit you best
  • You will receive a hand-sized colour wheel to keep as a guide to your season

Not available as an online experience

  • 1.5hrs in-person: £150
  • Get 10% off the total price when you book 2 experiences
  • Get 20% off the total price when you book 3 experiences

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